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GST 6% -> 0%: 你应该知道的事

这两天最受瞩目的新闻,莫过于新首相下令颁布的最新法令:GST 由6% 下降到0%, 并从1/6/18 开始生效。 有鉴于网络消息传得太快也太多,甚至有很多都是未经证实的消息,因此DTS 团队特地整理了这一篇有关 GST 降税的文章,并且...
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Gazette Orders of GST 6% to 0%

Our new Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has approved 6 very significant Gazette Orders on GST. GST rate is now given the legal mandate to be reduced effectively from 1st June 2018 onward to the rate of 0% (ie. the GST registrant still retain the duty to submit tax return and claim input t...
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