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We have customers across industries, from freelancer to established companies. Whether its a small start-up or established group of companies, our comprehensive software is easy & flexible for anyone to get started without sacrificing quality, reliability, and affordable.

Let’s hear from our clients who is already success in their business with using our software as one of their secret successful tool, or perhaps, the most powerful one. We can’t speak for all of them but here’s what a few said (with their permission).

“Previously, it was a third party vendor handling our Accounting which we don’t have updated data for reference; after using AutoCount, everything is within our control now!”

We were not using any software before; we thought it’s always easy if outsourced to a third party vendor so they could handle everything.

However, as along our business grow, we start to feel the inflexibility, we don’t have up-to-date data, it’s hard for us to do future planning and we always need to rush the vendor to give us report that we need. In a simple word, we don’t have the control of our own data!

After implement AutoCount Accounting software, we can now take full control of our own data. It’s easy to use, easy to manage & more accurate! The Bank Reconciliation function help us monitor our financial status closely & most importantly, up-to-date.

We will definitely recommend AutoCount to other business owners who is struggling with their outsourced service.



“The AutoCount POS & Accounting System are fully integrated, very helpful in our daily operation!”

As a wholesaler & retailer, we need to handle hundreds of transactions daily. The software that we used previously can’t cater our heavy workflow and always system down. Its really painful whenever system is down as it slow down our delivery process and has a bad impact on our sales.

Until we start to implement AutoCount Accounting, we have witnessed how stable & reliable the system is. Thus, we implement AutoCount POS as well. Both system can be synch instantly and it really simplify our daily workflow. Our work efficiency has been improved tremendously and thus we can handle more orders a day! Nonethelss, the online support from DTS team is very helpful.

We will recommend their service to others!


“Our GST report always not tally; after using AutoCount Accounting, we don’t have such problems anymore!”


We were using other software before implement AutoCount, and we had lot of headache especially during the transition period of GST implementation. The software couldn’t give us a tally GST report, hence, we have to spend time in troubleshooting the problems. Despite of wasting our time, we gotta worry about error that is not spotted and lead us to GST penalty.

After a deep thought, the management decided to change to AutoCount Accounting despite of the trouble in changing software. We’re glad that we take the step to change, as AutoCount is so user friendly, very easy to check the info that we need & save our time. Most importantly, we can get tally reports!

We are really happy about AutoCount especially on their GST compliance features.


“The support from Data Tree Solutions is very efficient!”

We were using a software which is not GST compliance; after knowing the facts that other users were facing problems with GST transactions, we’ve decided to change the software to AutoCount Accounting.

Our data entry job is much more easy now, the AutoCount layout is very friendly as we can change to the one that suit us best, and we can export file into excel format to perform any reports we need. Among all functions, the “google-like” search function wins my heart. Its really simple & easy to find any info that I need within split seconds.

Nevertheless, the support from Data Tree Solutions, namely Ms Chong, is very efficient and always helpful in solving the problems.

We will recommend their service to others!



“I may view 10 reports at the same time now & duplicate the monthly transactions easily, which save me lot of time!”

As an Accounting Freelancer, time is money. However, the previous software that I was using cost me lot of time as I cant view multiple report at the same time, and I need to repeat the same steps for every transactions – which waste lot of time.

By using AutoCount now, I can view 10 reports at the same time, copy & paste the monthly transaction easily by changing the date & amount only. This really speed up my work progress and save my time. AutoCount is so easy to use, convenient & has very complete GST features.

It’s really an important tool for Accounting Freelancer so they can work efficiently & serve happy client.



“It simplified everything and make things easier.”

We were not using any software previously, along our business grow, we feel that its very inconvenient because it’s very hard to trace back customer details. Hence, we have decided to engage with AutoCount POS system.

We’re happy with AutoCount POS as it’s easy & simple to use, most importantly it simplify everything & make our works easier. With a proper system now, we can trace back our customer records easily, no more manual works which cost us lot of time. With the proper system in place now, we can serve our clients faster & better!


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