Your team needs to be paid the right amount on time.

With our years of experiences dealing with one-man band/ small business firm, we know the pains and problems you are facing. Payroll seems simple but the truth is many companies lack the skills, tools and experience to run smooth and efficient payroll, and when payroll does not run smoothly, significant time and energy can be wasted by all employees affected. Most importantly, payroll is the utmost sensative topic in a company and most HR wish to keep its confidentality secreetly.

Thus, we are now providing Outsourced Payroll Services for small to medium companies, especially for those companies whose size do not justify their own HR/ payroll resources. Our services may help to free you from the payroll process and enable you to focus on your core business.

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Our range of service as below:

Payroll Processing

- Base & OT Calculations
- EPF & SOCSO Calculations
- Income Tax Calculations (PCB)
- Fund Transfer to employee's appointed account

Monthly Report

- Payslip (Hard copy or email)
- EPF & SOCSO documentations
- Management report for employer
- Employees record maintenance

Yearly Report

- EA Form
- Year-to-Date Payroll Summary

Our Fees

- Our solutions are modular based to suit our customer's growth plan in Malaysia.
- Contact us for more details and get a quotation base on your work force size.