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You don’t need to have huge budget to have full control of your business. With an integrated software like AutoCount, range from Accounting, Stock Control to POS, you’ll always have the right information in the right places, empowering your employees to do great work.
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Always panic about error message? Don’t know how to fully utilize the software? We’ve help more than 500 SME business owners saved at least 50% of time & cost. Contact us right now to solve your problems.
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Hello, We’re DTS team!

We always believe action louder than words. We aren’t gonna tell you how good we are, instead, try our service for once and you’ll get the answer. We focused on AutoCount software consultancy, troubleshooting & support, and Accounting-business related training. We are not the best but we will give you our best!

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We provide regular training and some are FOC especially for our contractual clients. Training courses includes:

  • AutoCount Software training
  • Accounting-GST related topic
  • Market info Updates workshop
  • Personalized Group training

One Stop Solutions

We are authorized dealer of AutoCount who provides software as in:

  • Accounting
  • Invoice/ Billing
  • Stock Control
  • Point of Sales (POS)
  • eCommerce Solutions


We provide responsive service via remote support or onsite visit to solve your problems efficiently.

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With AutoCount software, you can manage your stock easily with sales & profits figures within fingertips. We helps you run your daily business seamlessly.

One Stop Solutions

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Everything is in our Control

“Previously, it was a third party vendor handling our Accounting which we don’t have updated data for reference; after using AutoCount, everything is within our control now!”

– Koon Mi, Award Marketing Sdn Bhd – 

Fully Integrated Software

“The AutoCount POS & Accounting System are fully integrated, very helpful in our daily operation!”

– Shell Lim, Baby Direct (M) Sdn Bhd – 

DTS Service is Good

“The support from Data Tree Solutions is very efficient especially Ms Chong who always help us solve problems just in time!”

– Sue, BF Construction Sdn Bhd –

Tutorial & Tips

Free tutorial covers topics from but not limit to: quick tips in using AutoCount software, updates of latest tax code, updates of software new features, market info updates etc.

Accounting TipsAutoCount TutorialKnowledge Sharing
July 17, 2018

不懂会计也能入账 (二)

“会计”就是把钱的事讲清楚   会计在英语上称Accounting,对企业、机关、事业单位的经济活动或财政情况系统、全面地进行记录、计算、分析和检查的工作。是管理经济的重要一环。   而负责会计工作的人,最主要的工作范畴,就是把纪录好的账目,简单直接的呈报给管理层(或老板)知道,让他们能够及时做出有价值的决策。   所以简单讲一句,“会计” 就是把钱的事情讲清楚,而应该如何讲清除?这当中就考验你个人的功力了。这也就是为什么基本功很重要,你必须先了解什么是财务报表,那你才能很好的把它呈现出来。   会看财务报表的员工,才能替公司赚钱   要在竞争社会有立足之地,就是展现你所能给公司带来的价值。而能够替公司赚钱,是一个很直接的指标。这里有一个很现实的案例:   店长本职是负责店里大小事情,除了确保日常运作顺畅,店里的销售业绩是一个指标。  …
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Accounting TipsAutoCount TutorialKnowledge Sharing
July 6, 2018

不懂会计也能入账 (基础篇 一)

会计是一门生意的命脉,要搞懂会计,首先得先搞懂会计的基本概念,这样你在工作上才不会被复杂的数目字牵着走。   在我们服务过的客户群中,当中不乏很多对会计一知半解的 Account Clerk, 乃至在一些日常的操作中因为对原理的不明白,而犯下一些原本可避免的简单错误,而通常这些简单错误都导致一些无可挽回的严重后果。   所谓治标要治本,如何能够避免重复犯错,就是要把一些基本的会计概念先搞懂,这样才能确保避免犯下一些低级错误。   如果你不是会计出身的,但是日常的工作又与会计分不开或需要负责部分的会计入账,那么这一篇文一定会对你有所帮助,并且说不定会让你有所启发从而改善整个工作的营运流程,除了强化自己的软实力能让老板刮目相看之外,简化工作提升效率,减少时间走冤枉路才是一大重点啊!   先搞懂三件事   简单说来,会计就是管理公司金钱来往的一盘账目,这当中会牵涉很多的文件可能让你眼花缭乱,但是你只需要搞懂这三件事: 应收账款…
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